Thursday, 30 September 2010

Final Layer Compositions

Okay, so here's the final developmental stages of the logo, I cam to a halt at these four types of intergration with both text and logo, so me and Yola are going to talk things over, with both compostion and colour for our final outcome


  1. Jade and i, both agree that our favourite is the third design as it works best structurally. I think the void would stand out if it had a grey back shadow as though it had been stamped into the canvas, but other than i think it looks professional and does the job nicely...

  2. ahhh...damn...see we all agree that the last one isnt as good, but me and yola felt the first was the best, and earl gave some input on the first three being better than the last, so I've gone ahead with the majority...I'll post the palete results now :)