Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Establishing Story: The Thumbnail Storyboard for the Beginning of the Trailer

For those studio members who weren't today at the baseroom, Bob and I have changed and developed the story of the Atack of the 50 ft Alien from Toyland.

The story begins with establishing shot of a toy factory "Toyland" and then a scene of little toy boxes being taken by the machines. One box though doesn't fit the criteria and is thrown away outside at the squere litter bin.  All pretty boring .. but!

All of a sudden a strong lighting covers the trash bin and we see a bloby ball of light  flying just towards the thrown away toy box. And it smashes! Both the toy box and the trash bin rolls as the impact of the meteorite hit was so poverfull. Funny things start to happen to the box....

Even if it looks like we're covering just the very beginning of the story this is, supposedly, our half of the trailer, since we're heading for a traler which doesn't cover the whole plot of the film like some do.

Further to develope  the rest of the trailer we need a story with the right amount of twists  just to make trailer full of information, intriguing (!) and proffesional looking. Since what we're reaching is : speedy editing, symbolic  imagery (to avoid long shots which are unnecesery in trailers)

So other shots so far will include:

Tanks and military gathering their forces to defeat the alien;
Alien creeping slowly towards the camera (to emphasize the scaryness of the creature)

So far this is that.

The task:

All of us have to think of what the conclusion of the story could be, what twists the story contains  (Cause this all helps when constructing an  interesting trailer.)

What else we want to include in the trailer by drawing key ideas out and bringing them Friday at 1p.m. at the studio meeting.



  1. JJ and Bobby, this is actual genius, i really like this idea and it has a very retro (cheesy) feel to it... I'm liking the style of the thumbnail storyboards, they look very 'JJ-esque' :) i always love looking at your storyboards though so thats kind of a biased opinion :P definitely liking the direction of this storyline though, now for a big conclusion!

  2. Yeah I'm loving the story so far. It has that retro feel, yet still trying to be big budget. Exactly what a 50s B-movie was. I'll get thinking of an ending and post it up tonight, followed by some drawings posted tomorrow.

  3. Cheers guys! I really think we operate soo nicely as a group, you should've seen us today with Bob, talking over eachother as the story was taking shape :)

    hope we'll come up with some spectacular endings :)
    looking good so far guys!

  4. We do operate pretty well. My only regret is that I can't be there for Mondays or Fridays. I'll see what I can do but don't hold your breath. At least we'll all be there on Wednesday and have to blog for posting out new tasks and communication

  5. oh, and I think the idea of 'Toyland' being a factory is simply fantastic

  6. wheeeeeey! nice one yola! I'm going to post up the sketch's of the logo, and possibly the variations by tonight x

  7. ALso , what do you think Earl if its a good idea for you to start researching the pictures of 50's - 80's
    square trash bins,
    and toys they had at that period?
    ALso desolate environment of factorys and its interior?

  8. No Problem JJ, I'll get right on that.