Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Earl's Proposed Trailer Ending - Story Development

The way I see it is that the beginning of the trailer was to establish it, and rightly so. So I've come up with a way that we can keep some mystery and the type of Movie we are creating.

After the meteorite strike, the box begins to tremble and deform. Its stretches and groans as something inside the box grows larger. We then cut to an image of the alley way as the light shows a large silhouette on the wall.
We then switch to a city shot, which is operating normally Until a large explosion destroys one of the buildings. The camera turns and sees the large Toy, in all its glory, striding through the city, causing panic. Multiple different shots of the Toy destroying the city to show the range of damage and the Toy slowly creeping towards the camera.
We switch the military organising itself on a stereotypical army base of the 50s. (I like Ethan's idea of Nuclear weapons since it is the soviet union time) As tanks and Helicopters assemble and begin to roll out, We are left with an imposing image of a Nuke rising from the ground...
We then a few quick shots of the Toy smashing some Tanks and Helicopters as we fade to

Other Elements to include are the cheesy text that is used and the keep the Toy slow and menacing to try and scare people. Its going to be a hard juggling act between keeping it Toy looking as well as Scaring. I'll draw up some of these ideas tomorrow and have them up by Friday for you guys to look through. See, just because I'm not there Mondays or Fridays, doesn't mean I'm not doing the work :)

And just to end, my email is, so if you need to contact me about ANYTHING, go ahead. Or we could talk it out during Uni or Wednesday meeting :)


  1. i like the structure of your idea earl and the order of events, i think it works really well in the context of a retro B-movie trailer... i was maybe thinking that there would be a build up to seeing the alien and we wouldnt see too much of it or for long, but thats just a suggestion and how i imagined it...

  2. Yeah, I was struggling with the idea is I should keep the Alien hidden up or straight up front. I'll revise this and see how it goes. I'm thinking maybe using the buildings to hide it from view to add some mystery

  3. Definetly some good suggestions here :) maybe we would just tweak the sequence of scenes, but this is what we pretty much have in mind

  4. See, great minds think alike. And I plan on tweaking it further tomorrow...

  5. yeah man, really like that spin you got there, I think if we possibly mix that with the conspiracy element, or terroirst regime mentioned earlier, could add more depth?