Thursday, 23 September 2010

Earl's Proposed Trailer Ending Revision - Story Development

I've been trying to come up with some form of revision for my proposed ending to the trailer. And he it is:

After the meteorite strike, the box begins to tremble and deform. Its stretches and groans as something inside the box grows larger. We then cut to an image of the alley way as the light shows a large silhouette on the wall.
We then fade to a city shot, which is operating normally. A shot of a hulking creature moving but hidden by different buildings with the music building as the creature gets closer and closer to being revealed but then: Cheesy title card displayed. We have various quick shots of attacks throughout the city, where a paper flickers onto the screen showing something along the lines of 'The Reds unleash New Super Weapon!!'. Followed by the organizing shots of the military. Helicopters, tanks etc. As tanks and Helicopters assemble and begin to roll out, We are left with an imposing image of a Nuke rising from the ground...
We then a few quick shots of the Toy smashing some Tanks and Helicopters as we fade to

Obvously this is only a basic outline from some of my ideas. Still to include cheesy voiceover and to stress the things that are common place (see Ethans post). For an example of the creature skulking behind the buildings see 'Cloverfield'. Whether you like the film or not, the way it keeps the monster hidden yet a very real threat could be exactly what we want. Fear of the unknown...

(Couldn't really find a good representation but mainly look at 8-10 second mark)What parts could I change? I'm strugling with how to incorporate the cold war feeling...
and of course, this is just my idea.


  1. Nice idea earl, it's very similar to an idea i knocked up on my notepad earlier, the only thing i think is maybe unnecessary is the big emphasis on the nuclear war thing because i think it should be a more hidden moral... but definitely the ending that i was going for too :)

  2. oh I get you. As in having the nucleur threat as a sublimal message? How about instead of an emphasis on it, it can just be sitting in the background. Having it as a message in the film would be fine, but how do we go about it in the trailer?