Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Attack Of The 50 ft Alien From Space! Storyline

In a city, famous for it’s toy factory,(Toyland) on the night prior to there most ambitious, and anticipated toy line, the most unlikely series events occurred.

In the toy factory, located offshore from the main city river, after lights out, the chief toy maker/designer checks over the production lines thoroughly, one last time to ensure the quality all the products due to be released, where he find one toy that doesn’t quite fit the criteria, and is discarded into the waste disposal shaft.

Elsewhere, the otherwise ordinary night was changing rapidly. The stars were burning brighter, and the sky was becoming greener. Suddenly, as the discarded toy was landing into the waste disposal, a spherical shape, almost like a meteor, began piercing through the atmosphere, with an unnatural coldness, surrounded in green light.

Moments later, the shape as if by coincidence, comes into contact with discarded toy, the impact causing the disposal unit to be forced into motion, tumbling through the disused grounds, halting to a stop, when the boxed object spins out. Whilst the box continues the travel through the air, it crashes to the ground, metres from the unit, and begins to transform, engulfed in growing luminous light.

Soon after the so called ‘dysfunctional’ toy came into contact with the Alien Matter, the toy began transforming rapidly as it reaches the river disconnecting the factory from the mainland. As it arrives in the city, the population falls into chaos as immediate evacuation occurs,

As the military takes action in response to the destructive threat, the 50ft toy seems to be impenetrable, as they use everything they have in their artillery. Accusing opposing countries of creating a new form of ‘Weaponry’ for the ‘Terrorist Attack’ in disguise, they intend to respond directly with force to the ‘supposed’ country of origin, when the Army General is informed of new data, from the cities infamous ‘Toyland’.

Soon after, the toy maker is taking into custody on site, accused of being a ‘spy’, as they inspect the factory grounds. Elsewhere, as the Army General comes to realise that it is in fact an Alien Attack, the Toy Maker manages to escape, with the help of a female guard, who believes his witnessed accounts of the alien crash. Becoming he’s new companion, they make the way to the blueprint room, where they manage to find a way to shut down the Toy down.

After devising a plan, the military manage to get a hold of the two, and work together in order to take down the Alien force once and for all.

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  1. Very nice. Reading through this you can see all the influences that the 50s B movies have had on it. It combines every aspect of what we wanted perfected. An attack, spies and military aggression as well as a human grounding in the form of the maker and female guard. REALLY excited to see JJs storyboard.