Wednesday, 22 September 2010

50s Item research

Lets look at some research...

By looking at some basic 50 looks images, it clear that look back then was alot of neon and colour. This could be a very powerful image for our city in a dark night with the 50s neon lighting parts of our alien revealing parts of information. Imagine our cityscape with the large neon lights flooding the area.

The interiors of the Factorys all seem very stuffed, as people and instruments are crammed in together. The exterior has a look of a normal building but elongated to accommodate the larger interior.

I can't find any images of 50s industrial rubbish skips, but I know what they look like. If I can't find any after extended looking I'll draw it. It looks like a skip but is square.

From looking at a lot of the toys, it seems that Robots where quite big back then as toys. Could this maybe factor into our Alien toy? The packaging was incredibly bright yet simple looking.

The robots were all steriotypical robots thought futuristic back then. Whether this could apply to our trailer is still to be seen but I think it has potential.

Also, a great reference point is the Video Game Mafia 2. They went to great lengths to get the feeling of the 50s right and it was praised for it. I'll look into that later...


  1. Good work there man, I like where this art direction is going....I can see, although this is stereotypically a cheesy area, we could possibly do somthing more with this! maybe more research on the toy area would be great!

    Also, just a thought, when we were in our character design class, we were given 'Mood Boards' as work for next week? Could be a better way of collecting and posting research?

  2. Oooh yeah I forgot about them. I'll expand on the toys using those maps from MyUCA. Great thinking Bob