Saturday, 25 September 2010

50s American Military Cars research

This collection of Military cars pretty much carry over from World War 2.
The actual car you see here was used by high ranking US officials to cart them around to where they need to go, be that army bases or (near) the front line.

The other military vehicles were used by soldiers in fight zones to get themselves or equipment around. Some moved other vehicles and some acted as weapons themselves in the cases of machine guns. These cars would be seen roaming the battlefield doing what they could, that being gathering intelligence or moving things around. The actual car would be seen more in army bases moving more important people about.

In terms to our movie/trailer, the jeeps would be seen roaming the streets with the tanks during the attack. All though, looking at other B-movies of the 50s, it was incredibly unlikely that the two and soldiers would be seen together. This could have been because of budget constraints or the they simply couldn't do the effect needed to have the models and little CG guys getting blown up. When we are dealing with our Toy Maker and his female companion, the car could be a good vehicle, and also if we use any important US army man.

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